Prevent traffic accidents

How to prevent traffic accidents

Mishaps at the wheel are quite common and their consequences can be serious. Therefore, we want to teach you how to prevent traffic accidents. At our law firm in Barcelona, we care about you and your safety.

How to avoid traffic accidents

Studies show that most road accidents are the result of human carelessness rather than external factors. Therefore, preventing traffic accidents is in our hands.

As traffic accident lawyers in Barcelona, ​​​​we know the most common causes of road accidents. So we will tell you what you can do to avoid them:

Keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front

Tips to prevent traffic accidents

This allows you to react if the car in front of you experiences an emergency on the road. Maybe he has to dodge an obstacle you can’t see or he gets a flat tire.

In these cases, you must have a distance that gives you the possibility to change lanes or slow down without hitting the other car.

Most of the time, when two cars are close together, rear-end impacts tend to occur. In these, the culprit will always be the driver of the car behind for not meeting the required distance.

The average distance between one car and another should be:

  • For a speed of 90 km/h, the ideal is 50 meters away.
  • For 100km/h, a distance of 55 meters between cars is recommended.
  • If driving at a speed of 120 km/h, a distance of 66 meters must be maintained.
  • At 130km/h, a distance of 72 meters between the two is recommended.

Respect transit signals

The function of traffic signals is to guide drivers and pedestrians correctly and safely when traveling. So there is no reason to disrespect them.

These offer information about nearby obstacles, access roads, alternative routes, directions in which you can walk, etc. Failure to comply with any of these previously established rules for safe transit is a danger.

Do not use mobile devices

Using mobile devices while driving or crossing the street can put your life and the lives of others at risk. These devices represent the number one cause of distraction in recent years.

The mobile forces you to take your eyes off the road. Many people tend to get lost and concentrate on their mobiles, to the point of not paying a bit of attention when driving or walking on public roads.

Second, operating these devices means taking your hands off the wheel. Driving in this way means that the driver does not have full control of the vehicle in relation to the road and those who travel on it.

Do not exceed the speed limits

Speeding traffic accidents are very common. Cases of run-over crashes due to not being able to stop the vehicle in time and more are some that occur for this reason.

Thousands of people have lost their lives or have been left in serious health conditions due to speeding. Prudence and respect for established parameters are important.

Keep the vehicle in good condition

It is important that the state of your car is in optimal conditions to circulate. Well, mechanical failures or failures of parts that compose it can generate major traffic accidents.

Some of the things that you should be aware of in your vehicle and carry out the continuous inspection are the following:

  • Optimum brake response.
  • Condition of the lights. Both front and rear, are of vital importance.
  • Car oil and water levels.
  • Tire conditions and air pressure.

Remember that having your vehicle checked by a professional is necessary. Well, a poorly done repair or revision can put your life and that of your loved ones at risk.

How to reduce the consequences in case of traffic accidents

We can drive carefully and consciously. But traffic accidents are often caused by irresponsible drivers who are in another vehicle and do not respect the rules.

To reduce and avoid the severity of traffic accidents, the following prevention measures must be taken:

Use seat belt

There are a lot of people who drive in cars without wearing a seatbelt. It is important that all passengers comply with this security measure.

This will prevent you from moving out of your seat in simple crashes. That is, it anticipates blows to the windshield or doors of the car or that the passengers in the rear seats go forward with the impact.

In the case of the strongest accidents or rollovers, it means not getting out of the car. Thousands of deaths have occurred not from the impact, but from being ejected from the car in the event.

Child Restraint System

Children must have a Child Restraint System appropriate for their age. Infants are the lightest and have the least strength to hold onto car impacts. Therefore, they must have their own security measures for them.

Have a car seat and that it is installed correctly. Do not carry minor children in the front seat and others, which are important factors that can save their lives.

Headrest adjustment

The headrests have the function of avoiding cervical injuries in the event of accidents. Therefore, it is necessary that it is adjusted correctly according to the measurements and comfort of the driver or other passengers.

These are some ways how to prevent traffic accidents. Remember that if you are affected by a situation of this type, you can contact our expert lawyers. We will provide you with the support you need to assert your rights.

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