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Fleet management and taxi services

Wannataxi is an advanced fleet management and taxi service management system. It is a fully automated system based on GPS tracking, integrated with Google Maps.

With Wannataxi you can be part of a large network

The Wannataxi network is a new service entrance channel for our taxi drivers and for our fleets through the Wannataxi apps for Android and iPhone.

Fully flexible system

You can ask us for whatever you need, without compromise, and we will analyze the development tailored to any new functionality and your incorporation into Wannataxi.

Fleets can maintain their brand and identity

A fleet of taxis that use our technology does not have to lose its brand or its corporate identity because we offer the possibility of having its own applications and customized web, if the fleet requires it.

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Wana Taxi is definitely one of the best taxi services. They are on time, and their drivers are very polite, friendly and professional.
Jonathan A. Mire

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What are the herbal and Natural Aphrodisiacs? How to use them?

The use of herbs to kindle love is in human genes and is ancient. The practice has been in use for more than thousands of years. The herbs do not strengthen the sexual performance, like production of healthy and high mobility sperms, rather help to increase the sexual desires. The love and intimacy between the couple increase. To learn more about aphrodisiac and its benefits, visit my aphrodisiacs website.

The current day stressful lives decrease the capability of the body to produce libido (the sexual drive in the person). This is mainly because the blood flow towards the genitals decreases and makes them less responsive. Though exercising helps to increase blood flow, its effect is reflected only for 2 hours. The artificial drugs taken to solve the problem produce too many side effects and affect the hormonal levels badly. Therefore the best solution is to use herbal aphrodisiacs

Aphrodisiacs are substances that help to increase the libido. They are natural ways to boost the sexual desires of a person. Rather than boosting, they bring in the right level of sexual desires in every person.

There are different types of aphrodisiacs. It can be in the form of fruits, vegetables, meat, essential oils, flowers or herbs. Here in this article the following facts about the herbal and natural aphrodisiacs are explained

  • their advantages
  • guides to use them
  • How are they effective to men and women separately?
  • Nutritional values

These herbs suggested by my aphrodisiacs should be added to everyday diet along with exercises and adequate sleep. One has to try to calm himself or herself with yoga and meditation.


  • It is a bright yellow herb that holds its native to Mexico.
  • It has been used by the Aztecs since the ancient times
  • The herb alleviates stress and stimulates libido. It uplifts the mood, relaxes and clears anxiety. This is very important to stay calm and speak openly and frankly to their partners forgetting all the stress.
  • It also increases the physical sensation of the consumer. All the 6 senses, including the thoughts begin to respond very well as the brain is filled with energetic hormones.
  • It can be had with tea.
  • It is highly recommended for those who cannot focus during sexual activities. This happens because of sleeplessness due to which the mind wavers.
  • It is used by doctors along with CBD (obtained from cannabis plant) for women who experience pain during sex. However one should not use it with CBD unless recommended by a doctor.


  • The smell of roses, the very sight of their presence is all aphrodisiac. The ornamental flower can also be consumed after soaking the flowers in honey for a day or two. This also helps to increase the libido of the person’s body.
  • Rose eases the nervous system. It reduces stress, mental fatigue and anxiety. It increases the memory and helps to stay alert all the time. In other words it is highly refreshing
  • This is one of the reasons to make proposals with roses. This has been practiced since ancient times
  • Roses are anti – depressant. They can be consumed with tea, jams. The essential oils can be used as scent aphrodisiac.
  • Also drinking rose water early in the morning regularly helps to increase the sexual desire. Soak a few petals over night and drink the water filtering the petals early in the morning. Repeating this every day enhances the sex life of a person.


  • Cinnamon spices up bedroom activity along with bringing sweet flavour to the food. It helps to raise the temperature of the body and makes a person hot by evoking his sexual desires
  • It increases the libido by raising the cognitive functions. That is it enhances brain activity that in turn kindles the sexual desires at the right time
  • Cinnamon increases the blood flow to the pelvic region. Its aphrodisiac properties have even been mentioned in bibilical proverbs (Proverb 7, 17 – 18).
  • It can be had with milk or tea. Cinnamon flavoured milk is very delicious with a sweet aromatic flavour.
  • How to make cinnamon milk?
    • Boil the milk
    • Grind 2 cinnamon sticks
    • Add it to the boiled milk after turning the stove OFF.
    • One can add honey to increase the effect of the aphrodisiac recipe and also to enhance the taste.


Caffeine is a strong stimulator of the central nervous system. As the central nervous system ends in the pelvic region, caffeine increases the blood flow to the pelvic region. But one has to consume more than his usual intake to feel the aphrodisiac effects.

But if one has 2 cups a day, using coffee as an aphrodisiac is not recommended. This is because increased coffee consumption leads to irritability, insomnia and jitters. These are the major contributors to decrease the sexual desire in a person. Therefore one should be very cautious in using coffee as an aphrodisiac. 

Ashwagandha – Withania somnifera

Ashwagandha strengthens the body against stress. It balances the male and female hormones. The balance decides the interest one has over the other sex. It increases semen production in men and improves the quality of sperm. The herb is a food for love in women. It is mainly given to pregnant ladies to make them strong.

The 10 Best Taxi Booking Apps around the world

There’s no need even to introduce what Taxi booking Apps are – because they’re so popular, that we cannot do without them anymore! So here’s a list of the top ten best taxi apps across the world! Here we go:

  • Uber:
    Undoubtedly the best, Uber is the most popular among masses across the globe. With its service panning across 67 countries, Uber is known for its best quality services and also for cost-effective travel! What else do we wish for?

  • Hailo:
    We hail Hail-o! Guess why? It has categorized services that cater to all classes of people according to their needs! With CRB checked drives and an app that’s compatible with most devices, Hailo is gaining popularity in areas where it serves.
  • Lyft:
    Probably one of the most popular and trusted cab apps in the United States, Lyft has its services across 60 cities in the United States and is known for its reliable and timely services.

  • Ola:
    The most popular in India, Ola has spread its wings in its home country, catering to 100 cities within India itself. Verified drivers, safe and cost-effective rides with multiple options is what caught people’s attention here.
  • GrabTaxi:
    Grab a taxi with GrabTaxi – a popular cab service in South Asian countries, GrabTaxi is available in six countries across the South-Asian continent. And well, it’s top class services and reliable facilities have made it immensely famous among tourists and locals alike.
  • Didi Dache:
    A leading taxi app in China, which has 300 cities under its coverage – is also the merger of two taxi cab app majors in China. With multiple riding options, Didi Dache has no competition and is unbeatable in China.
  • LeCab:
    As you must have guessed from the name itself, LeCab is a French-based cab app which is the most opted for in Paris. A super cool app, that’s equipped with all modern features in it appeals to the existing base of 70,000 users!
  • Cabify:
    One of the prominent taxi cab services in the world, Cabify has it’s set of unique features which make it very popular with a sustained and ever-increasing customer base in cities around the globe.

  • BiTaksi:
    With its services in Istanbul, BiTaksi is the only unbeatable cab service in the country. Unique features have made it a popular choice among the people in Istanbul.
  • Gett:
    Amazing features and a trusted cab service spread across 60 cities in the world; Gett is also a hit cab service in the United States. Despite the numerous competitors in the United States, Gett has still manages to thrive in the number of cities it provides services.