Various types of transportation

Types of transport: air, sea, and land

When we talk colloquially about transport and types of transport, the most common is to mention the best known and recognized forms of transport: road, air, sea and, to a lesser extent, the railway.

It is true that these four modalities are the main types of transport that exist today, we can also find other more minority forms and classes of transport, but in all of them, the base is one of these four types of transport.

There is also what is known as “multimodal transport“, that is, in the so-called logistics distribution network, so that merchandise can be positioned at its destination, two or more types of transport are needed.

The most common types of multimodal transport are the combination of air transport and road transport: merchandise that is positioned by a vehicle at an airport, transported by plane to another airport, to finally be delivered with a truck transport vehicle; followed by truck transport alongside the sea.

Air Transportation

Air transport is one of the four types of transport and is the “youngest”. Since its use began to spread in the 20th century with the appearance of airplanes. World War II gave the final push to a form of transportation where speed is the most important feature.

The use of cargo plans for air transport has experienced a very important increase in the final years of the 20th century. And the first decade of the 21st century. The modernization of this fleet of aircraft is achieving an increasingly profitable type of transport. Although it is still the type of transport with the highest cost per kilo transported.

The software that consignees, freight forwarders, and agents need must comply with mandatory requirements. Up to the documentation and traceability needs that are demanded.

Visualtrans ‘ air transport management software offers easy navigation through all the records. Consulting, and documenting a shipment in an intuitive and agile way. In addition, the integrated database, allows us to have access to all shipment records in the same query.

Another important aspect of our air logistics software is that it has EDI integration and AEO certification. A seal that guarantees the highest quality standards and allows documentation to be sent via email.

Marine Transportation

Types of transport: maritime transport

Maritime transport carried out in container ships is the main means by which international trade is carried out. Unlike air transport, rail transport, or road transport, maritime transport allows large quantities of goods to be shipped in a single means (container ship). The shipments of large quantities allow the cost per kilo transported to be very economical.

As data, we have to point out that more than 75% of international trade is transported by ship. Either in its entirety or in the most important part of the transport. For this transport, as we have pointed out, the goods are introduced into containers (loading containers that protect the goods and are normally made of steel). Containers are then deposited on ships for transport.

There are containers of many types and sizes, but the most used worldwide are the so-called “Dry” (closed) of 20 and 40 feet. The approximate volume of capacity is about 33 m3 in the case of the 20 feet and 66 m3 in the 40 feet. The largest ships can carry between 18,000 and 21,000 containers.

The level of documentation and control over containers is the most important part of the management of maritime traffic. Visualtrans’ maritime transport management software integrates the necessary modules for container control (registration, changes, status, stock, incidents, assignments…), the intelligent and automatic calculation of rates, as well as other functionalities such as control of guarantees with procedures adapted to ISO and OEA quality standards.

Ground Transportation

Land transport is the most used type of transport for the collection and delivery of goods over short distances. This type of transport is used in all the countries of the world. Although its use in those with well-adapted infrastructures (highways and motorways mostly) is much more intensive.

The countries with the most robust economies have extensive road networks that allow the transit of goods quickly and effectively. At the cost level, road transport is not as economical per kilo transported as rail transport. But it has such important aspects as its speed and flexibility.

Another characteristic of road transport is, unlike other types of transport. The variety of vehicles and subtypes of road freight transport services.

This last subtype of road transport is taking on very high importance. Especially due to the great increase in e-commerce services, accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

In addition, these services, which are mostly developed in the cities, are causing a collapse in them. An issue that is being addressed by the authorities to try to find a point of balance between the transport service, customer service. But guaranteeing circulation in cities as well as taking into account environmental issues.

The software for land transport logistics management offered by Visualtrans provides an excellent set of tools to streamline and automate all the processes associated with operations.

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