Trendy haircuts

Haircuts that will be a trend in 2022

Haircuts for men are strongly inclined this new year towards the practical, the convenient, the relaxed, what is not demanding… And, of course, after a very busy 2020 and a year that served as a transition to a new era as It has been 2021, we could not expect major complications. Of course, there are those who look for any pretext to dazzle and wear the most maximalist look possible, because confinement and domestic life made them feel very low. However, the global trend is to keep everything under control in an effortless and highly organic scheme.

For this reason, short styles are monopolizing absolutely everything. That this, attention, does not mean that there is no way to experiment and try various hairstyle options. Men’s haircuts that stay very close to the scalp can also be very exciting. And not only that; Going for these cuts can not only accentuate your facial features but can also frame your face and convey a cooler attitude without a lot of work. At the end of the day, that is the sentiment that globally we are seeking to share.


Latest haircuts

So that you understand us: just as Brad Pitt used it in the 2000s, David Beckham a few years ago, as Nick Jonas brought it in the late 2010s and as Evan Mock –god of fashion- uses it today. This is a comfortable cut that doesn’t need any product, but you need to be pretty sure of two things before you try it: a) that your hair grows fast enough or you don’t really care about that process, and b) that your skull—literally—has a way you like. This cut goes perfectly with an oval or rectangular face.

Faded Crew

A low-maintenance style that looks amazing on all men with a round face. It is a moderately classic cut that has been in vogue for a couple of years now; Notice how the top length is a little longer than the rest and that it usually slopes to one side, although the messy texture prevails. Something interesting for 2022 is that the top can be dyed a light blonde or brown, as it was done at the beginning of the millennium.

With lines

From very straight to curvy or that can create a shape in the middle of your hairstyle. A simple look, if you like it, but one that can bring better lines to your face or fun to your whole personality. This cut is also accompanied by a skin fade and very sharp angles at your temples.

Slick back

In the vintage vibe that we’re saving for next year, we have a cut that can be slicked back all the way. Timeless and classic, the interesting thing about this cut is that you can combine it perfectly with very retro looks that make you look very attractive, or with more under pieces that mark the contrast of times in your entire outfit. The idea here is that you define your hair very well, mark its direction with thin lines and load your hair with a shine product.


And it is. Just as you read it. If you are in the wildest part of your life and you like to experiment with new haircuts. The iconic style of the 80s is for you. The fade on the sides is key and you can use neon dyes to look very 2022 when you wear this cut.


Whether short, long, layered, or tousled, with bangs, waves, curls, or sideburns. The shag is a nod to the strong ’70s trend we see everywhere. See photos of David Bowie, Bob Dylan, and Mick Jagger during that era for all the inspiration you need. It’s ideal for men with wavy or curly hair, as the layers create a flattering shape and add movement. If your face is sharp or triangular, you have the whole combo!

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