The 5 tips for transporters

The 5 tips for transporters

The identikit of the typical transporter ? So many kilometers covered, long days spent driving, so many regions crossed and goods transported. It is a demanding job, which often creates a sedentary and stressful lifestyle, so we have compiled our 5 tips for transporters:

  1. For hauliers, sleeping well equals driving better

It is known that sleep is a precious ally for well-being and could not fail to be so also for our transporter friend. Before driving, it is good to try to fully satisfy your  hours of night sleep, and then if, during the day. You feel fatigued, take small stops of 15-20 minutes in order to release stress, tension, and … recharge!

  1. Choose the  right playlist for the trip

Driving for a long time could be boring, before a freight transport it is important to organize the trip to stay focused and enjoy the time driving. One help is to choose  music playlists based on the day, the trip, or your tastes. Even listening to a good podcast or an audiobook could help you vary your daily routine and keep your mind active and alert and avoid possible sleepovers while driving!

  1. Truck drivers in a restaurant: full bellies yes, but not too much!

Far from being nutritionists, we recommend that you start your day as a carrier with a hearty breakfast, snack mid-morning with fruit, and never skip lunch and dinner. In general, it is preferable to have frequent, light meals rich in vitamins and minerals, but above all low in fat. So avoid binges in a restaurant so as not to tire digestion and not to incur in the post-lunch abbiocco!

  1. Driving in the highest gear and lowest rpm helps to save money

Traveling with the lowest number of revolutions is one of the secrets to saving fuel. At 1500 rpm, increase the gear and always travel while keeping it as high as possible. Even uphill, the higher the gear, the lower the number of revolutions and the lower the fuel consumption, which can even be reset downhill thanks to the deactivation of the thrust.

  1. During transport, take care of large and small packages

Long queues on the street, delays that accumulate in delays, and deliveries that slip: here is that haste becomes a bitter enemy of transporters to the detriment of the care with which large and small parcels are handled. We despite all this, advise you in those moments to slow down for a moment and take care of all the hills without distinction.