Types of Logistic Transport

The logistics service can use or several types of transport to move goods, it will depend on the destination and it can be combined with other services such as insurance, loading, unloading, and storage.

Ground transportation

It is one of the most common for transporting goods because it is easily adapted to customer needs, it is regularly cheaper and more flexible when choosing availability.

The type of land units to be used is defined by the characteristics, size, and weight of the merchandise and units with specifications such as refrigeration or tanks can be requested.

Ground transportation can be for national or international routes because it works for short or very long distances. The merchandise does not necessarily have to occupy the entire box of the trailer, because the service can be adapted to the customer’s needs, even dedicated units can also be requested, at the exclusive service of a company.

It is one of the most used, since regardless of the main type of transport used, in the end, the merchandise must regularly travel by land from the airport, customs to its destination, or even from the warehouse to the factory.

Marine transport

An excellent option to connect continents and the most widely used type worldwide. When transporting merchandise by sea, it must be considered that it is much slower. It is one of the most widely used to export or import goods internationally. Very heavy or large loads can be transported in containers or in bulk without the need for them since ships have vaulted to transport materials.

Among the advantages that this type of transport has, is the security of the merchandise. Since it is not exposed to theft or claims, there is also a lower risk of deterioration.

Once the cargo is on the ship, the merchandise can be tracked or tracked, know the status. And know when it has arrived in port.

Full containers can be dedicated to merchandise, for this type of service it is required to specify that an FCL (Full Container Load), with this modality, handling, or contamination with other types of merchandise is reduced.

Another modality used in the event that a much smaller quantity is transported, which does not cover an entire container, is LCL (Less Container Load), where the load will share space with other similar containers to occupy the space of the entire container.

Air Transport

It is one of the transports that is used when the merchandise is urgent, of high value, or perishable. Since it has the infrastructure to maintain the specific temperature of the cargo. The cost of service is higher than any of the other types of transportation.

Dangerous cargoes are generally not transported by air due to established regulations. Not recommended for loads that are large.

It has some disadvantages, the delay is usually common due to weather conditions. Legal restrictions, or cancellations directly from the airport.

When sending cargo by air, there is greater accessibility between countries or cities due to its ease of traveling short or long distances, it is a safe transport as it has less incidence of theft.

Railway transport

It is subject to the different established routes. Among its advantages, it is cheaper than ground transportation and the most stable in price. It is used for goods that are not urgent to be delivered. Although it takes longer to arrive, it does not suffer from delayed problems due to road traffic.

The probability that this type of transport will crash is really low. So it is considered very safe to transport, in addition, the capacity of merchandise is much greater. And can carry very heavy merchandise over long distances and is also used for bulk merchandise.

It may have a connection to another type of transport, that is, multimodal. Due to its infrastructure, it cannot directly reach specific points.

It can be used nationally or internationally, at this point it will depend on the connections between the different countries.

It is very easy to transport since the containers/boxes of the railways can be placed directly on a trailer.

The type of transport to be used must be evaluated according to the type of merchandise, specific needs, urgency of delivery, routes, cost, and legal conditions between countries. Choosing a logistics service guarantees that you use the appropriate means, as well as the specific maneuvers for each case.